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10 Questions with Mirae Campbell — Traveler, Digital Media Manager, Adventurer and Photographer

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

A specialist of candid moments & a true believer in boundless opportunities to travel, learn & create.

Mirae, adventurer, mountain peak seeker and a friend of nature. Whether it be catching a wave with a surfboard, seeking deep powder or browsing the markets in India, Mirae has a gift for content and capturing moments behind a lens.

Mirae failed photography in high school. Her teacher once told her, "you won't make it as a photographer." Mirae didn't let the opinion of someone else stop her from chasing her dream. Today, she captures moments for a long list of clients, including Burton, Apple, Oakley, WestJet (and the list goes on!).

Mirae inspires all those who are fortunate enough to meet her. With her passion for life, her generous heart and her desire to live outside the lines — Mirae demonstrates what it takes to fully live a life of adventure, while capturing the hearts of many.

I was fortunate to catch-up with Mirae before she ventured "off the grid" for a weekend adventure. Have a read!

Name a favourite:

Food: Anything Japanese because it feels safe and reminds me of home.

Hobby: Working with others and playing outside.

Travel: India — I cried from being uncomfortable and it is where I learned the most. 

Who is someone you admire:

It varies everyday and it depends on who I meet along the way.

Describe your typical morning routine:

Staring absently at my cat and thinking about how much I love him. Then, I make myself some green tea, followed by pouring myself a bowl of cereal. I check my email, followed by Instagram and then I sit down and start to work. 

What problem in the world would you like to solve?

Racial inequality, world hunger, plastic in the oceans, sustainable ‘green' initiatives that aren’t actually sustainable or green.

How do you practice mindfulness / what strategies do you have for helping your emotional well being:

Vitamins and yoga.

I also enjoy exercise in the form of mountain biking and snowboarding with others. 

I am grateful for ...

My healthy friends and family.

The privilege to be able to be in a position to work on myself physically and mentally.

Helping others achieve their best. 

What brings you Joy? 

Everything that surrounds me. The freedom and privilege to live the way I want. 

My word for 2020 is…


Be sure to check out Mirae's website:

and Inmist Media House's recent submission for the Moment Invitational Film Festival showcasing Mirae and her story:

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