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10 Questions with Jessica Soparlo — Designer and Illustrator behind Would Be Nude Not To

To start 2021, I couldn't think of a better person to feature other than someone who truly embraces living in the moment and following your passion. Everyone, please meet Jessica, 'Jess,' Soparlo — the designer and illustrator behind Would be Nude not to.

Jess is someone who truly embodies the west coast - best coast - lifestyle. Jess currently resides in Squamish — you can catch her carving through fresh powder in Whistler or riding down a local Squamish mountain on her bike.

Jess is also an extremely talented artist. She is known to showcase a playful, imaginative, and feminine style with her art. Her illustrations are inspired by her love of the mountains, the ocean, and the female form. Be sure to take a look at Jess' work by visiting her website: Would be Nude Not to.

Here are a few examples of her work:

I was lucky to catch up with Jess (via online, dang COVID) and was able to ask her a few questions as we start 2021. Have a read!

1. What is your favourite place you've traveled to?

Ericeira, Portugal. I left half my heart and half my belongings there. As soon as it’s safe to travel again it will be one of the first places I visit. I miss the cheap vino, pastries, and cute old fishing men.

2. Who is someone you admire?

Ouf, pretty much my entire friend group. They are all doing great things whether it’s creating amazing opportunities for their communities, pursuing their artistic passions, or raising some sweet-ass humans. I admire anyone who goes after what they want. It took a while for me to realize that art and design were my passions and I wish I let myself pursue them sooner, so I get really stoked when I see people not giving into society’s expectations and creating careers out of what makes them happiest.

3. Describe your typical morning routine

My morning routine is pretty new to me (I’ve been serious about it for the last 4 months), but has become quite integral to my daily success. I used to think I could be one of those people who ‘goes with the flow’ and still gets shit done, but I have been lying to myself for a long time. I love routine, I need routine and If I don’t have it I will struggle to get on track. Anyways, my morning looks like this:

  • Wake up at 7 - 7:30 a.m.: I have a pretty good internal clock so I don’t really use my phone or an alarm clock. It helps that I make my own schedule so there is no pressure to be up at a certain time. No dilly-dallying in bed, I try to get straight up because if I do spend an extra 10 min laying there I will most likely convince myself that my beauty rest was not long enough.

  • Walk downstairs to make hot lemon water: I don’t think you can find a single soul that won’t agree this is a good morning habit.

  • Put on some nice music and open my sketchbook: Sketching is extremely important to me and my work (should be for any creative really). Forever I’d look at sketching as a bonus activity I could do if I was able to complete my other important to-dos. But as they say, ‘if ya don’t use it, ya lose it’ and like other parts of your body, it’s important to work out your creative muscles. Since dedicating 30 - 60 min of sketching time I’ve noticed I’m able to whip out creative concepts for actual clients a lot quicker.

  • No phone until 10:30 a.m.: Creating this habit was a game-changer for me. Looking at my phone in the morning offered me nothing constructive or positive to start my day with. It often left me feeling depleted and exhausted before I even left the bed, plus if I happened to see something scrolling through Instagram that was upsetting or negative that emotion would stay with me all morning. Not fun. So yea, I’m pretty strict about that rule for myself. Do I break it? Of course, but no ones perfect and sometimes ya just wanna text your friends and family ‘GOOD MORNING!’ because most mornings are good mornings. :)

  • Journal/gratitude entry: After sketching I like to write out three things I’m grateful for, my affirmation for the day (today’s affirmation is ‘I am open to creative opportunities!) and anything that I need to get off my chest or work out with pen and paper. I’m not a great writer, I only do this because again, it’s a great positive way to start the morning and I hope when I’m older I can look back on these journal entries and have a good chuckle.

4. What problem in the world would you like to solve?

If I could kick climate change to the curb I would.

5. How do you practice mindfulness / what strategies do you have for helping your emotional well being?

I do all the classics like keeping a gratitude journal, meditation, plenty of exercise and water, taking time to breathe, etc. but I think what’s really helped for me is being consistent with those practices. I’m talking about doing all those things every. single. day. Sometimes I allow those activities to take up a good chunk of time in my day, other days I’ll just take little hits. A quick meditation here, a 3 point gratitude list there. The goal is that I do them with the intention that those practices will bring more peace and clarity to my day.

Of course, there are plenty of days where my routine is disrupted and things that I’d like to get done aren’t possible and that is ok. If I really can’t get to any of those practices I like to at least do a couple rounds of Box Breathing.

6. I am grateful for…

  • My cozy workspace at home.

  • My supportive friends and family.

  • Getting to pursue art every day.

7. How do you let constructive feedback IN while keeping criticism that prevents you from being brave OUT (Brene Brown)

Hmmm… good question. I wouldn’t say I like getting constructive feedback, although it is a big part of my job, so I do expect it and am a little used to it? I think because most people experience life and certain events SO differently, I just try to keep that in mind when I’m being ‘offered’ some constructive feedback/criticism that I’m not necessarily expecting. Also, if I trust them and know that they want the best for me, I try to really listen, because giving feedback is almost as hard as hearing it and clearly it is important to them to share this feedback with you.

As far as keeping criticism that prevents me from being brave out of my life? I think I manage that by keeping good people around me and releasing some of those people who bring me down.

8. What brings you Joy?

Snowboarding, exercising, learning to surf & mountain bike, creative me time, being with friends and family, traveling, cowboy boots, horses, anything mini, naps and watching old Friends and The Office episodes.

9. What are you reading? Listening? And/or watching right now?

I always have a couple of books going, which is probably why it takes me so long to finish a book. But right now it’s ‘Circe’ by Madeline Miller, ‘The Buddhist on Deathrow’ by David Sheff, and ‘The Undervalued Self’ by Elaine Aron. I’ve read about three chapters of each so I can’t recommend any of them yet, although I have high hopes for ‘The Buddhist on Deathrow’.

For podcasts, I like to dabble in the Joe Rogan Experience, The Doctors Farmacy, the Goop Podcast, The Daily, and Lemon Water. I like listening to and learning about functional medicine, how the brain works, mindfulness, creativity, and how entrepreneurs got started and I can usually rely on those podcasts to give me what I’m looking for.

10. To conclude 2020 your word is...

Unexpected :)

Jess, thank you for showing us all what it means to live a life full of passion and Fun!

Photos taken by the talented @miraecampbell

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